Frequently asked questions


What does a Wedding Planner do?

We ensure all the necessary tasks required to host a successful wedding event are well planned and get it implemented. You can count on us for the simple reason that we know the ins and outs of weddings -- the etiquette, the right people to work with, and the ways to manage within any budget. We help couples save time, money and considerable stress preparing for the single most important day of their lives.

We are meeting the wedding expenses ourselves without help from our parents – can we have a budget wedding?

Yes, you can! There are several packages available to suite your budget,

Why You Should Choose us?

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Do you plan and arrange other functions?

Yes ! we plan and organize other social events such as anniversaries, engagement parties, Bithday celebration , Naming ceremony and other similar functions.

We are both from different religious denominations – how can you organize a secular celebration that will not offend any one?s

There are several options available to couples. Marriage between religions and cultures is a fast-growing trend and we take care of organizing it very well.

Could you do a part of the wedding? - I have made my own arrangements for the reception, florist, caterers etc.

We prefer to work with our select partners and suppliers and coordinate the entire event. We have built an excellent working relationship with our partners over time and guarantee the quality of their products and services. However, we understand that you may have a preferred choice of service provider, such as a hairstylist or caterer and we are happy to respect your wishes on a case to case basis.

Will you also organize pre and post ceremony celebrations?

Yes! We happy to handle all of the celebrations surrounding your wedding - before, during and after your wedding day.

When is a good time to start planning for a wedding?

Ideally you should begin planning for your wedding 10 to 12 weeks ahead of the event. Popular wedding services, and suppliers are required to be booked well in advance. However we recognise that this may not always be the case for whatever reason.

How much time do you require to plan and coordinate a wedding?

You would need to begin discussing your needs with us at least 8-10 weeks in advance to ensure that we are available and have enough time to plan and execute your wedding to match or exceed your expectations on the day.